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We value confidentiality and security of personal data of our visitors and registered users. Please read this privacy policy along with terms of use before proceeding with use of this site.

During the course of interaction you may be required to register. You will need to furnish personal data like name, address, email address, telephone number and bank details. All such details are kept fully secured and confidential under three tiers of security.

We never divulge this data to anyone. If we are required to do so by law you will be informed accordingly. We do not sell, rent or otherwise make commercial use of your personal data. We only use your data to send offers, to communicate and for interaction as well as to keep you informed of updates or changes.

Our site may place cookies on your computer. Cookies do not access any data on your system. Cookies only track behavior of user on our website and help deliver personalized content. You may disable cookies but at the risk of reduced functionalities.

Our site may contain third party ads and links. We do not endorse any such links. We are not connected with any such advertisers or linking companies. If you navigate to such sites through those links you do so at your risk and responsibility.

We reserve the right to alter any of the terms or add or delete any terms as we may see fit without any prior intimation. Please check before proceeding with use.


Welcome to our site and to our motorcycle tours. Please take a moment to read this disclaimer before you proceed with use of the site or with the tour.

Contents of the site are presented “as is”. We do our best to ensure correctness of information. However, there may be errors of omission or commission. We are not responsible for any such errors. Users are advised to verify information before proceeding with use.

Use of this site is at your risk. Our site may be hacked and infected by viruses or malwares that may be transmitted to your system. We are not responsible or liable in any way in any such event.

Our site may allow user interaction and for users to post contents. We are not responsible in any way for any such contents posted by users. We will do our best to ensure all such content is fair and not offensive in any way and any such content found to be offensive shall be removed and user account suspended forthwith.

We offer tours and itineraries based on various factors, some of which are not within our control. Tour dates and routes may be changed at any time to suit exigencies and we are not liable for any consequences to any one who joins the tour as a result of such change.

We cannot be held responsible for any type of injury of any participant during the motorcycle tours. You must have to travel at your own risks.

Those who join our motorcycle tours do so at their risk and responsibility. It is mandatory for each rider to have full insurance coverage and in the absence of any such coverage and in the event anything untoward happens, the rider alone is responsible for any and all such consequences to himself or to third parties. Even otherwise riders are solely responsible for their health and safe driving practices and we do not accept any liability or responsibility for their actions during the tour.

Riders who join long tours or tours on difficult terrain must have driving licence and the requisite experience as well as skills required to handle motorcycles on such terrain and in adverse climatic conditions. We are not responsible if riders joining tours misrepresent facts and for the consequences of such misrepresentation and the events that should occur during the tour as a result of their handling and driving of the motorcycle.

Riders are solely responsible for all their possessions and belongings. If there should be theft, we are not responsible for such losses in any way whatsoever.