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What is AMS and how can I beat it?

AMS is Acute Mountain Sickness. It happens because of the low amount of oxygen available at high altitudes. Symptoms include nausea, headache, and lack of energy etc.
The biggest cause of AMS is dehydration. People on the trip forget to drink enough water, they just keep on riding.

To beat AMS, take the following steps:

  • Great views of Bhagirathi and Shivling peaks
  • Drive through Bairon ghati bridge, said to be the highest suspension bridge ( 103 mt)in the world
  • Ancient temple at Gangotri
  • Hot Sulphur spring at Ghagnani
  • Great chances to see Bharal (Himalayan blue sheep) in its natural habitat

I would like to join a Motorbike tour India tour on the Bullet. What basics should I know about and have?

You will need to have a valid driving licence and a valid passport. Your health and fitness must be excellent and you must practice riding for long hours, possibly an entire day if you dare to take on the Himalayan challenge on the redoubtable 500 cc Bullet.

What gear do I bring?

Buy a pair of sturdy leather boots, preferably ones that go higher than your ankle, woollens to keep you fully protected and clothes keeping in mind the weather one can expect high up in the mountains.

What gear do you provide?

Motorbike Tour India provides a fully maintained working condition 500 cc Bullet with saddlebags. We provide on rental helmet, riding gear, gloves and sunglasses for the rider on a chargeable basis.

Is a phone booking possible?

Yes but it must be followed immediately with a token advance of 50% transferred to our bank account. You can join the tour of your choice and participate in that tour. If you cannot join, inform us in advance and we reserve your deposit for the next tour unless you cancel in which case you get refund provided you inform us a month in advance.

What if the bike breaks down?

It is rare because our mechanics test and service bikes before each trip. In any case one mechanic always accompanies the tour along with spares and tools. If a bike cannot be fixed you can get another one right away.

What to know when riding in the mountains?

Riding high up in the mountains makes you vulnerable to acute mountain sickness syndrome. There is a lack of oxygen at heights and it can induce various symptoms such as fatigue, nausea and headache. We recommend acclimatization, drinking plenty of water and breathing right.

What happens if you do not get minimum number of riders?

This rarely happens but if it does happen we cancel the tour and offer you a chance to join the next tour or get a full refund.

Can you arrange custom tour for us if we have a group of 5 to 10?

This can be arranged and we will be happy to work out plan details with you.

Yes. We provide helmets, riding gear, saddlebags, gloves etc. The rental charges for the same can be enquired before the trip.

If you are in India, you can transfer the booking amount to our bank account. If you are outside India, you can send us the money through wire transfer. The remaining amount is to be paid at our office when you collect the motorcycles. We also accept Credit card payments.

Yes, you can. However, we require a payment of 50% to secure your booking. You can transfer the amount through wire transfer to our bank account. Your booking is confirmed when the payment is received.

The motorcycle has to be tested by you before the start of the trip. In case you feel there's any trouble, our mechanics would get it fixed right away. Or you can choose from among the other available motorcycles.

Yes, you need a driver's license to ride the motorcycles that we provide

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